Patchy – Suspected Diagnosis

Patchy wearing a diaper

After weeks of unexpected and frequent accidents, I took Patchy in for another UTI check on Friday.  The previous two (one 2 weeks before, and the other a month or more prior) were both negative.  Though, the most recent showed evidence of an immune response, just no bacteria.  While taking a sample, the vet decided to take a closer look and scoped her vulva, finding an unusual mass.  When they both returned, she heavily suggested that we should look at it closer with ultrasound. Continue reading

Patchy – Decision of Treatment

Sleepy Puppy

The oncologist called just before 5pm today.  Patchy’s X-rays look good (confirmed by radiologist) and her blood work came back pretty clean.  They noticed a slightly elevated liver enzyme, which has been noted in previous blood tests dating back to her car crash on Halloween.  Its unclear what the cause of the elevated liver enzymes could be, or if its even affecting anything.  It could also be related (or not) to the nodules that were seen on her liver.  Its not clear what those nodules might be (cancer, benign or malignant), but its not an easy place to get a sample.  For now, it isn’t something to worry about, unless things change.

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Patchy – Chemo is scary

Patchy squished in bed

The pharmacy (based in Arizona) called today to collect shipping and billing information.  I was informed that her medication will arrive in 3-6 days, in a refrigerated shipping case.  With little dots that will change color is the medication didn’t stay cold enough.  Thats pretty intense.  To make it scarier, the oncologist emailed me her chemo instructions.

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Patchy – Pet Insurance is the best

Patchy just can't keep her butt on the bed

First,  a quick update on Patch.  Her appetite has been sporadic.  Skipping meals, binging later.  For reference, prior to the last few weeks, she had a very consistent routine of wet food in the morning and evening, and access to dry food, which was sometimes consumed in the evening.  She was consistent in devouring that wet food when it was given.  Currently, she is ignoring her wet food entirely in the morning, and all food in general at that time.  When we get home, she might be inclined to eat it (or her dry) but only after much prodding, and sometimes hand feeding from me.  The last two days, I’ve been bringing some dry food with me to work, and around lunch time, she’s been gobbling it up. Continue reading

Patchy – Day 1 Chemo

Patchy trapped in the bedroom

I feel bad.  She’s been consistently having accidents every morning now, before we leave for work.  I let her out first thing (and she pees) and within an hour, while I’m cooking breakfast or getting dressed, she pees in the house.  Thankfully this morning it was on linoleum and not the carpet.  I’ve taken to isolating her in my bedroom when I’m home in the afternoon/evenings, and it appears I’ll need to do the same in the mornings.  (My bedroom is linoleum, and has an open door to the backyard.)  She looks so forlorn when I force her to be in my bedroom, but its necessary for her to avoid more indoor accidents.  Especially with her starting chemo, and her fluids needing to be “handled with gloves.”

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Patchy – Chemo day 5

Patchy in her big bean bag

I came home to my parents place to spend some time with them, and focus on Patchy.   Her appetite seems to be holding steady.  She is less interested in breakfast in the morning, but is eating fairly regularly at night.  She’s had two accidents at my parents house (today and yesterday) but had diapers on both times.  Thank you inventor of doggie diapers. Continue reading

Patchy – Chemo day 7

Patchy, about a year ago

Patchy, about a year ago

Patchy is having more accidents in the house again.  She seems to go through phases where a couple days are just bad for her, and others are completely normal.  She had 2 accidents in the house yesterday (midday and late evening) and two this morning alone.  We also left her and Clover in the garage two evenings in a row when we went out to dinner.  She peed, and left a bloody drip trail behind.

Varying levels of blood is in her urine is expected.  I confirmed via email with the oncologist yesterday.  And her constant straining to pee is also in the norm.  As long as she still is urinating, we’re in good shape.  He told me, if she’s straining and not getting anything out, thats when we really need to worry.

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Patchy – Chemo day 15

Patch overlooking Monterey Bay, 2009

Patch overlooking Monterey Bay, 2009

Patchy’s appetite continues to be erratic.  Some days she eats 2 or more meals, others she doesn’t eat anything.  It’s worrisome.  I’ve hand fed her a few times, but it isn’t my preference.  (I don’t usually have the time to stop everything in the morning and feed her for 15 minutes, though the bonding time is very precious to me.)

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Patchy & Clover – 4th of July and after

Patchy squished into a small bed

Patchy tried Clover’s bed this weekend

First, I’ll preface this by saying, we had a great weekend.  The girls went to the beach and had a terrific time in Santa Cruz.  But, I’m gonna start with the bad, and end on a high note.

Patchy is starting to deteriorate further.  Starting last night at about ~8:30pm, she started peeing in her beds.  Normally, she’ll get up and pace until either I notice her or she gives up and pees, avoiding where she sleeps.  But last night, she didn’t.  I think she was either sleeping so deeply that she peed in her sleep,  or it snuck up on her, and she didn’t have time to even get up and walk away.  It seems she did get up during part of it, as there was a trail, starting where she had been sleeping, and ending on a nearby blanket. Continue reading