Patchy – Chemo day 15

Patch overlooking Monterey Bay, 2009

Patch overlooking Monterey Bay, 2009

Patchy’s appetite continues to be erratic.  Some days she eats 2 or more meals, others she doesn’t eat anything.  It’s worrisome.  I’ve hand fed her a few times, but it isn’t my preference.  (I don’t usually have the time to stop everything in the morning and feed her for 15 minutes, though the bonding time is very precious to me.)

She has started having ‘middle of the night’ accidents.  My room is linoleum on concrete, but I put foam mats on top to make it softer/quieter.  I’ve moved all of those out now, since they were like a sponge with her urine. She hasn’t had a night accident in a few days (which is great) and I hope that will be the case going forward.  There’s nothing worse than getting up to use the bathroom at 2am only to step an unknown puddle on your way…

We went to the hospital for a CBC (Complete Blood Count), and the oncologist confirmed everything looks good.  He asked about her urination, and I reported that it was the same.  He frowned at that, he had hoped for improvement I guess, but was quick to point out that status quo was better than deterioration.  Our next full checkup is in 2 weeks.  Physical, full blood workup, and probably an ultrasound.

We are going to the beach this weekend (Santa Cruz area).  Patch hasn’t been for a while, and I’m not sure Clover ever has.  It’ll be nice to see my parents and be in cool weather further down the coast.  Hopefully I’ll have cute pictures to share.

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