Patchy – Chemo day 5

Patchy in her big bean bag

I came home to my parents place to spend some time with them, and focus on Patchy.   Her appetite seems to be holding steady.  She is less interested in breakfast in the morning, but is eating fairly regularly at night.  She’s had two accidents at my parents house (today and yesterday) but had diapers on both times.  Thank you inventor of doggie diapers.

Neither of us are a fan of the weather here.  When we left the city, it was in the 60’s, maybe 65.  We got here on Friday, at after 10pm, and it was is in the 80’s.  The weekend proved to be even hotter during the day.  (95 Saturday, and 91 Sunday)  Since the both of us have lived in the cooler bay area weather, we’ve been spoiled on temperatures of 70’s or lower all year round.  We’re both dying in the heat.  I spent some of the weekend in the pool staying cool, and hosed her down a few times, but its hot.

She doesn’t seem to be experiencing any negative chemo effects as of yet.  Her appetite is poor, but its no worse than before the chemo.  I haven’t noticed any vomiting or diarrhea ( a possible side effect).  Her mood/interest level is about the same. She seems listless, and often stares into space.  Her CCD is the culprit of that.

I’m thankful for Clover.  Patchy stares at her most of the time, and it keeps her focused/distracted from her own issues.  And when I need Patchy to come to me for her meds or to put her diaper on, I often call Clover to me, and Patchy follows the little girl straight to me.  Its kinda cute.

Mom and Dad have commented that overall, Patchy doesn’t look too bad.  They were “expecting worse”.

Clover hasn’t ever been swimming, as far as I know.  I nudged her in the pool, and, like all dogs, her doggy paddle instinct kicked in.  She wasn’t thrilled to be in the ‘deep end’ though.  Took a cute photo as she was shaking dry, with Patch a little too close and getting splashed.

Clover shaking dry in Patchy's face

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