Patchy – Decision of Treatment

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The oncologist called just before 5pm today.  Patchy’s X-rays look good (confirmed by radiologist) and her blood work came back pretty clean.  They noticed a slightly elevated liver enzyme, which has been noted in previous blood tests dating back to her car crash on Halloween.  Its unclear what the cause of the elevated liver enzymes could be, or if its even affecting anything.  It could also be related (or not) to the nodules that were seen on her liver.  Its not clear what those nodules might be (cancer, benign or malignant), but its not an easy place to get a sample.  For now, it isn’t something to worry about, unless things change.

I confirmed with the oncologist that the low dose chemo option would have limited side effects.  Its possible that there could be loss of appetite and low white blood cell count, but with this low dose option, its unlikely that she will experience any of those.  I told him that I’d like to try that option.  He placed an order for her meds, and they should arrive by mail from an Arizona pharmacy by next week.

She will take the low dose chemo as an oral medication in the comfort of our home.  Then every ~4 weeks, go in for a checkup, running blood work to make sure things are still in order.  And after 8 weeks, if all goes well, an ultrasound to check on progress.

He recommended I see the neurologist again (we had seen one there about a year ago) to address her Canine Cognitive Dysfunction (doggie Alzheimer’s). He said there might be some medication that can manage her symptoms.  Doesn’t hurt to look into at least. Its all about managing her quality of life.

She’s  been skipping breakfast, but seems to have a hardy appetite for dinner the last couple days.  So thats a good sign.  She still loves going to work and socializing, even if she doesn’t remember who people are most of the time.

One thought on “Patchy – Decision of Treatment

  1. pooh says:

    ok, look, doggie THC is likely to not help the alzheimer’s (although who knows).
    but it *certainly* will help w/ chemo, the pain, and her appetite.
    i’d strongly suggest seeing if it’s an option and asking.
    just 2 cents from a huge Patchy fan 😎

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