Technology disconnect

I’ve been thinking lately about how saturated my life is with technology and have started planning a dedicated time to unplug.  I had to start by recognizing that I can’t do my job without a computer (I’m a software engineer) so I’d either have to give in to that caveat or find a way to work around it.  I know I’m the type that struggles with temptation, so having use of my computer while trying to enforce a set of limitations would be very difficult.  And if I had 8 hours a day with full access to everything, how would that really be affecting a change or limitation?

So I decided to take the week of Thanksgiving off.  (In reality, its 3 days + 2 holidays.)  I’m still new enough at my job that I won’t be on call or tapped to help fix something.  My manager actually told me as much.  With that, I can take my laptop off the table as I have no obligation to it. Continue reading