Patchy – Pet Insurance is the best

Patchy just can't keep her butt on the bed

First,  a quick update on Patch.  Her appetite has been sporadic.  Skipping meals, binging later.  For reference, prior to the last few weeks, she had a very consistent routine of wet food in the morning and evening, and access to dry food, which was sometimes consumed in the evening.  She was consistent in devouring that wet food when it was given.  Currently, she is ignoring her wet food entirely in the morning, and all food in general at that time.  When we get home, she might be inclined to eat it (or her dry) but only after much prodding, and sometimes hand feeding from me.  The last two days, I’ve been bringing some dry food with me to work, and around lunch time, she’s been gobbling it up.

Her tastes and appetite are drastically changing.  Its hard to know if this is a result of her CCD (Canine Cognitive Dysfunction) or some other symptom.  She has not started the chemo yet (hasn’t arrived), and her other medications have not changed (the same 2 arthritis meds for the last ~12 months).

Now, a small divergence.  Pet insurance is awesome.  I invested in it, starting when Patch was about 10 yrs old (5 years ago now).  I pay a monthly premium, and if she has to go in for an accident, illness, or other health problem, the insurance covers a huge chunk (minus deductible, and general exam fees).  I just got email confirmation on a bundle of claims I filed (for her arthritis meds, her UTI tests, and now for cancer), and I get a payout of ~$1600.  Thats super awesome.  (Mind you, thats a refund against what I already paid the veterinarians/pharmacy)  It’s also why I feel I have the freedom to explore various options to help treat Patchy’s cancer.  I know that no matter what the treatments, test, etc will cost, I can expect about 90% to be paid for by my insurance.  And that is so liberating.

If you’re curious about pet insurance, send me a message, or you can google the top 5 pet insurance companies.  For reference, we use Trupanion.  It’s been good for me and Patch, but other people may want a different coverage plan or payout.

(Full disclosure, I was not paid to endorse pet insurance nor any particular company.  This is just me being thankful I thought ahead, and trying to let others know how beneficial it can be to have pet insurance when it counts.)

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