Patchy’s Progress

Well doesn’t cancer just suck?

In trying to keep everyone informed, and my own ill attempt at coping, I’m documenting my baby’s progress.  The future doesn’t look good.  But we are surrounded by those that love us.

To start from the beginning of what has been going on, start here.

Feel free to share the short-link with more friends and family.  I don’t want to physically keep up with updating everyone.  And honestly, I’m not up to talking to a bunch of people.  But I know lots of people care, and want to know whats going on.  You can read my updates here.

I made the decision Thursday, July 30th, to start the countdown.  Her last day at work will be Friday, see a few friends on Saturday, then I’ll be heading home to see my parents on Sunday.  She’ll get a home cooked last few meals, and we’ll all say our goodbyes.

On Wednesday, Aug 5th, 2015, we said goodbye to Patchy.  She will live on in this blog, in the hundreds of pictures I have of her, and most deeply, in my heart.

Now for a plethora of Patchy photos:

baby Patchy

Patch as an adorable puppy

Best Patchy Smile

Just the greatest smile

Spoiled in bed

Spoiled rotten, sleeping with mom in bed

Patchy starting down Ari

Our previous housemate, Ari, whom she loved to stare at, constantly.

Patchy and Clover squished in bed

Our recent recruit, Clover, demanding to share Patch’s bed.