Patchy – Day 1 Chemo

Patchy trapped in the bedroom

I feel bad.  She’s been consistently having accidents every morning now, before we leave for work.  I let her out first thing (and she pees) and within an hour, while I’m cooking breakfast or getting dressed, she pees in the house.  Thankfully this morning it was on linoleum and not the carpet.  I’ve taken to isolating her in my bedroom when I’m home in the afternoon/evenings, and it appears I’ll need to do the same in the mornings.  (My bedroom is linoleum, and has an open door to the backyard.)  She looks so forlorn when I force her to be in my bedroom, but its necessary for her to avoid more indoor accidents.  Especially with her starting chemo, and her fluids needing to be “handled with gloves.”

Her chemo meds came on Tuesday sometime while I was at work.  Since I didn’t get home until almost 7pm that night, I fretted about whether they had ‘gone bad’ in their refrigerated shipping container.  Silly Kelsey, this is San Francisco.  The weather didn’t get above 65℉.  I also didn’t pay attention when the container said “must stay below 30℃”.  My brain put a Fahrenheit symbol there, and not Celsius… >_<

We didn’t do the first does yesterday, as I wasn’t sure I had gloves (I need them to administer the meds too), and I hadn’t decided what time would be good for a repeat of exactly 24 hours each day.  Nights tend to be bad for me, as I go off to events and stay out late once in a while.  So I settled on morning, just before work.

She got her first dose this morning at 9am, and like clockwork, she’ll continue to receive it everyday for at least the next few weeks.

Her SF dog license renewal letter came today.  Not sure how I’m going to handle that.  Her chemo discharge/instructions specifically mentioned halting all regular vaccinations.  (Which makes sense, since her immune system may be down.)  I’ll have to ask the oncologist to write a letter explaining her situation, and hope for the best.

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