Faster! Better… Stronger?

I’m less than a month at a new job and am struck by how hurried and demanding our world has become. Obviously cities are more rushed than small towns, and some jobs and industries are more relaxed than others. It should be no surprise then, that living in Sam Francisco and working in the tech industry, that I have found myself at the nexus of “now, now, now”. Or, perhaps even, “done yesterday!” Continue reading

Two Engineers go to Disneyland

us at disneylandMy friend, C, and I went to Disneyland this past weekend.  We both work in Computer Science.  Me as a Software Engineer, focusing on Web, and her as DevOps, more network-y.  We had a great time riding all the various rides, and taking pictures with lots of characters.  (We were particularly excited to see the Avengers in Tomorrowland.)  At certain points though, we started analyzing and dissecting some of the aspects of Disneyland.  Continue reading