Clovers daytime adventures

Clover distracting me from workWith the New Year, I’ve made some changes in my life. Not surprising to hear, given most people have some New Year Resolution or another. I wouldn’t say mine were at all motivated by the New Year, however. More that, because I took some vacation around Christmas, I was able to notice some things that, because I was working constantly, I had been ignorant of.

Clover had slowly become more and more bratty since I started my new job in November. It was slow & gradual, at first hardly even noticeable, but over Christmas, I realized I had a problem. It was beyond toddler “all about me” or teenage “rebellion”. She wasn’t listening when I told her to do things. (Sit, Stay, Come, No.) She was beginning to play very rough (actually ripped open my Dad’s hand, and my nose on two separate occasions.) Both of these developments meant that I didn’t trust her in public, and meant I no longer wanted to play with her, cause it hurt. Continue reading

Faster! Better… Stronger?

I’m less than a month at a new job and am struck by how hurried and demanding our world has become. Obviously cities are more rushed than small towns, and some jobs and industries are more relaxed than others. It should be no surprise then, that living in Sam Francisco and working in the tech industry, that I have found myself at the nexus of “now, now, now”. Or, perhaps even, “done yesterday!” Continue reading