No chance to wallow

Dog sitting Mr. Biscuit

Dog sitting Mr. Biscuit

Its been 2 weeks since Patchy moved on.  Clover had a rough few days.  I was violently ill the night of, and between Patchy being missing and her mom being sick, Clover got pretty freaked out.  She hid under the bed for hours.

When we got back to our house in the city, Clover could smell Patchy everywhere, and was really unsettled.  I’m sure from her perspective its all pretty scary.  Her dog buddy was sick, but still kicking, then was taken away and never seen again…  Clover was pretty scared and melancholy for the first week, especially when we went back to work.  Our walk to the office that first morning felt really hollow.

But neither of us have had much chance to sit and cry.  I returned home Friday afternoon, stopping in briefly at work, but we only spent that first night alone.  Saturday I went with a friend to watch Matilda: The Musical, which was very happy and upbeat.

That night, I had a slightly unexpected house guest that stayed with us from Saturday evening to Tuesday afternoon.  Then immediately following, my mother stayed over Tuesday & Wednesday nights before flying out with me to Seattle for a wedding.  We were there from Thursday to Sunday.  Then through a course of events, I became a last minute dog sitter starting Monday.

Clover, too, hasn’t been left alone.  During my jaunt to Seattle, I left her with a coworker who stayed at our place for the 4 days.  She went on more adventures with her than she has with me!

Dog sitter adventures

Dog sitter adventures

Clover at the geese pond

Clover off leash at the beach

Off leash running (Mom is terrified by that)

I laughed because in the 2 short weeks following Patchy, Clover and I have barely spent 2 nights alone at my place.  (That first Friday when we got back and the Sunday after getting back from Seattle.)

Its been a lot of distraction, and forced “continue on”.  Clover still goes to work daily with me, and we both still have our ‘routine’.  We’ve just had quite a few interruptions and accommodations along the way.  Its made it harder to get caught in a whirlwind of emotion.  Though, I managed last night.  Watching the two dogs run around my backyard, I grew tearful thinking of Patchy.  I hope she is running happily somewhere too.

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