Patchy – Hopeful change

~2009, her favorite 'ball'

~2009, her favorite ‘ball’

One of my biggest worries has been about Patchy’s diminished appetite.  She often eats less than a can of wet food a day.  Usually nothing, or half a can.  Once in a while she’ll have ‘binge’ day and eat a can and a half, maybe 2.  But those usually come after a few days of little to nothing eaten.

Out of growing concern, I started cooking pork chops and other ‘human’ foods, to entice her to eat her wet food.  Drop some pork chop in, and see if she would eat the food around it too.  Sometimes it worked.  Sometimes it didn’t.  She was obviously hungry and interested in food, just not wanting what was being served.  (She would eat treats, and leftover human food when she could get it). Continue reading